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Korean / English Legal Translation Services

We are a professional translation company based in the United States in the Washington, DC area, specializing in the Korean language. We provide legal translation / interpretation to law firms and corporations worldwide.
Korean Legal Translation

Since our inception in 2007, we have provided English / Korean translation to U.S. and international law firms in the context of diverse types of litigation such as antitrust, breach of contract, investment / stockholder dispute, patent infringement, product liability, class action, construction, unfair competition and personal injury.

Our customers include Am Law 100 firms, Vault Law 100 firms, independent law offices and corporations.


For litigated matters, we translate:

Discovery Documents     Complaints     Exhibits     Interrogatories     Pleadings     Deposition Transcripts     Court Decisions    


For non-litigated matters, we translate:

Investment and Finance Documents     Business Contracts     Investment Term Sheets     Stock Purchase Agreements     Articles of Incorporation     Stock Option Agreements     Technology Licensing Agreements     Product Supply Contracts     Non-Disclosure Agreements     Real Estate Transaction Agreements     Tax Records    


Certified Translation

Upon request, we provide notarized, certified translations in a form admissible in U.S. federal and local courts.


Deposition Interpretation

In addition to document translation, we also provide deposition interpretation via video conferencing.


Document Review

We provide relevance review of discovery documents. We have provided such services to major U.S. law firms on many corporate cases.

Project Example 1

Korean to English Legal Translation

A large U.S. law firm sent us an extensive collection of discovery documents involved in an international antitrust case. We reviewed them for relevance and then translated selected documents from Korean to English.
Project Example 2
Korean to English Legal Translation
We received from a large U.S. law firm a series of investor / investee agreements regarding an equity raise. We translated the documents from Korean to English.
Project Example 3

English to Korean Legal Translation

A U.S. law firm filing a breach of contract lawsuit against a company headquartered in Korea approached us with a Complaint with Exhibits, which we translated from English to Korean.
Project Example 4
Korean to English Legal Translation
A large U.S. law firm sent us discovery documents involved in a patent infringement case. After reviewing them for relevance, we translated selected documents from Korean to English.
Project Example 5
Engineering Record Translation
A U.S. law office handling a product liability case sent us automobile assembly records and diagrams, which we translated from Korean to English.
Project Example 6
Medical Record Translation
A U.S. law office representing a personal injury case plaintiff sent us a large collection of doctors’ notes and hospital bills from a university hospital in Korea. We translated the records from Korean to English.
Project Example 7

Deposition Interpretation

For a U.S. law firm representing a commercial case plaintiff, we provided Korean / English interpretation at depositions, which were conducted via video conference.

If you have legal documents to be translated between Korean and English, please e-mail us. We can provide accurate translations of the highest quality.

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