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Engineering Translation Services - Korean / English

We are a professional translation company located in the United States, specializing in the Korean language.  We translate engineering and scientific documents from Korean to English and from English to Korean.

Since our inception in 2007, we have provided Korean / English translation of engineering documents to diverse clients in the U.S., Asia and Europe, such as Fortune 500 manufacturers, high-tech R&D centers, defense contractors and research universities.

If your organization has engineering documents that need to be translated either from Korean to English or from English to Korean, please e-mail us.

In addition to document translation, we also provide interpretation (verbal translation) support for engineering discussions via Zoom, Webex, etc. Further details on interpretation services can be found in our Technical Interpretation section. For patent translation, please visit our Patent Translation section.

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Project Example 1

English to Korean Technical Translation

A Fortune 1000 engineering company approached us with a procurement proposal package about a propulsion system, which included voluminous technical specifications, legal agreements and maintenance service plans. Over a period of 4 months, we translated their first draft and several subsequent revisions from English to Korean until they successfully completed the bidding process.

Project Example 2

Korean to English Technical Translation

For a technology company participating in a large-scale, offshore wind power farm in South Korea, we translated the entire “Grid Codes” of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) from Korean to English. “Grid Codes” are extensive engineering standards that power-generating plants must comply with when they connect their generators to the national grid. In the context of the same project, we also translated the operation standards of Korea Power Exchange (KPX).

Project Example 3
English to Korean Technical Translation
A semiconductor manufacturer in the United States needed to localize a software app used by engineers when they design electronic circuits. We translated the user interface of the software from English to Korean.

Project Example 4
Korean / English Interpretation
A U.S. information technology company was collaborating with a South Korean corporation to develop an internet-based platform. We provided Korean / English interpretation at their weekly virtual meetings with their South Korean colleagues.

Project Example 5
Korean to English Technical Translation
A U.S. company sent us a test report about a special alloy material, prepared by a laboratory at a South Korean research university. We translated the report from Korean to English.

Project Example 6
English to Korean Technical Translation
A U.S. medical device company asked us to translate a patent, describing a software for a diagnostic machine. We translated the patent from English to Korean.


Technical Specialty Areas Covered

Semiconductor    Automotive    Electronics / Electrical Engineering    Software / Computer    Information Technology    Renewable Energy    Aerospace    Chemical Engineering   


Types of Engineering Documents We Translate

Engineering specifications    Patents     Research articles    Engineering standards    Test results    Process recommendations    Software    Manuals    Bid proposals     Integrated logistics support documents    

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