Korean translation services for businesses

Translation of Business & Marketing Materials

business translation We are a language services company based in the United States.

Since 2007, we have provided Korean / English translation of documents and media contents to large and small corporations in diverse industry sectors, including finance, manufacturing, high-tech and healthcare.

The materials we translated for our customers include financial statements, legal agreements, tax records, press releases, brochures, presentations, websites and video / audio files.

Do you need language support to reach out to Korean-speaking customers? We can provide accurate and natural-sounding translations to help you achieve your business goal. Contact us by e-mail with a brief description of your needs.

If you need to communicate regularly with your Korean-speaking partners, you may also want to consider our "Business Communication Service Bundle". We will translate business e-mails, make calls to Korea on your behalf and provide interpretation at virtual meetings. Further details are in our FAQ section.


Service Types

Document Translation     Conference Call Interpretation     Video / Audio Translation     Subtitling     Desktop Publishing (DTP)    

Materials We Translate

Legal Agreements     Investment Term Sheets     Articles of Incorporation     Financial Statements / SEC Filings     Annual Reports     Business Communication and e-mail     Press Releases     Advertisements     PowerPoint Presentations (.ppt)     Video / Audio Files (.mp4 .mp3 .wav)     Subtitle Files (.srt)     Websites (HTML / CSS / Javascripts)     CMS Contents    

Video Translation / Subtitling

Starting with your video (.mp4) or audio file (.mp3 / .wav), we generate various product files as listed below, depending on your needs. The direction of translation can be from Korean to English or from English to Korean.

Translated SubRip (.SRT) subtitle file with time stamps
Translated transcript
Translated transcript with time stamps
Original language transcript

Project Example 1

Investment Information

An international law firm approached us with investment documents about private equity funds, which they wanted to offer to investors in Korea. We translated the documents from English to Korean.

Project Example 2

Financial Statements

A customer sent us hundreds of pages of corporate financial records, which we translated from Korean to English. The records included Statements of Financial Position, Income Statements, Statements of Appropriations of Retained Earnings, Statements of Disposition of Deficit and Statements of Changes in Stocks.

Project Example 3

Employee Training Materials

For a U.S. corporation in the service sector, we translated various human resources materials intended for employees, including video files for training and employee benefit information. We also recorded a voiceover narration for their training videos.

Project Example 4

Video Translation

A video production company in California sent us video files of interviews conducted with the production team and Korean actors of a popular Netflix film. Starting with the Korean language videos, we generated English transcripts with time stamps.

Project Example 5

Regulatory Compliance

A global infrastructure services company approached us with a compliance document to be filed with the United States government. We translated the English document to Korean so that they can forward it to their subcontractors in Korea.

Project Example 6

Commercial Agreement

A German automobile manufacturer sent us a framework agreement being drafted between their Korean branch office and a Korean corporation. We translated it from Korean to English so that their corporate headquarters can review the content of the agreement.