ENUNCE Korean translators and interpreters

English / Korean Interpretation in Technical Meetings

technical interpretation We are a professional Korean / English translation company located in the United States.

We provide Korean / English interpretation (verbal translation) in virtual meetings (Zoom, Webex, etc.) where engineering or scientific topics are discussed.

The subject matters we cover include:

Semiconductor    Electronics / Electrical Engineering    Computer    Information Technology    Mechanical Engineering    Telecommunication    Chemical Engineering    Chemistry / Polymers    Medical Devices    Biotechnology   

You can use our services for:

Presentation of technical specifications to your customers
Technical troubleshooting with your colleagues and partners
Purchase discussion with a vendor
Technical training of your staff

If you need technical interpretation support for an upcoming video conference with your Korean-speaking customers, vendors or colleagues, please e-mail us the specifics of your requirements. If you prefer, you can use our Web Visitor Message Form.