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Korean Translation for Zoom Meetings or Telephone Discussions

Enunce, LLC is a professional Korean translation company located in the United States. We provide conference call translation (interpretation) on engineering, science or general business matters. This service is provided over-the-phone or using one of the available video conferencing technologies.

For attorneys looking for deposition interpreters, we have a separate Legal Interpretation page.

Korean interpreters Maryland If you need language support for an upcoming conference call with your Korean-speaking customers, vendors or colleagues, please contact us with the specifics of your requirements. For your convenience, we have provided a Web-based inquiry form below.

Korean interpreters Maryland Please note that:
- This service is for corporate matters only and not for family or personal matters.
- We reserve the right to respond to inquiries selectively.
- You need to sign a service contract before the first conference session.
- Translation fee for the expected duration of the session must be prepaid before the session.
- A 3-day advance reservation is required.

Korean interpreters Maryland

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