ENUNCE Korean translators and interpreters

Korean Interpreters for Technical & Business Meetings

technical interpretation We are a U.S.-based translation company staffed with experienced Korean interpreters.

We provide Korean / English interpretation (verbal translation) at virtual meetings (via Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.) where engineering, scientific or business matters are discussed.

Since our inception in 2007, we have provided interpretation & translation services to diverse customers such as global high-tech companies, large law firms, investors and research organizations.

If you need to have a live discussion with your Korean-speaking customers or colleagues, do not let a language barrier come between you and project success. Enunce can assist you.

Contact us by e-mail with the details of your requirements (date/time, expected duration, etc.).

We also offer a "Business Communication Package" to customers who communicate regularly with Korean-speaking partners. If you buy the Package, we translate business e-mails and provide interpretation at virtual meetings. For details, please see our FAQ section.

You can use our services for:

Presentation of technical specifications to your customers
Project development meetings with your colleagues
Purchase discussions with vendors
Technology licensing discussions
Employee training

The subject matters we cover include:

Semiconductor    Electronics / Electrical Engineering    Computer    Information Technology    Mechanical Engineering    Telecommunication    Chemical Engineering    Chemistry / Polymers    Medical Devices    Biotechnology   

Project Example 1

Our customer was a U.S. company wishing to have technical discussions with a Korean high-tech manufacturer regarding engineering patents. They sent us relevant technical documentations in advance. After reviewing the information, we provided English / Korean interpretation at a series of technical meetings held via video conferencing.

Project Example 2

A global company with a Korean subsidiary was modifying the role divisions of their Asian offices. They needed a Korean interpreter, because the management team wanted to explain the rationale and the details of the changes to the employees of their Korean subsidiary, and our company provided the interpretation service via Zoom.

Project Example 3

Our customer was a large U.S. law firm representing a party in an anti-trust litigation. We provided interpretation at witness deposition sessions, which were held remotely via video conferencing.

Project Example 4

An IT company based in the U.S. was developing a software platform in collaboration with a device manufacturer in Korea. They were holding weekly progress meetings with their Korean counterpart via Zoom, and our interpreter provided live translation at the sessions.