ENUNCE Korean translators and interpreters

Korean Interpreters for Technical & Business Meetings

technical interpretation We are a U.S.-based translation company staffed with experienced Korean interpreters.

We provide Korean / English interpretation (verbal translation) at virtual meetings (via Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.) where engineering, scientific or business matters are discussed.

Since our inception in 2007, we have provided interpretation & translation services to diverse customers such as global high-tech companies, large law firms, investors and research organizations.

If you need to have a live discussion with your Korean-speaking customers or colleagues, do not let a language barrier come between you and project success. Enunce can assist you.

Contact us by e-mail with the details of your requirements (date/time, expected duration, etc.).

We also offer a "Business Communication Package" to customers who communicate regularly with Korean-speaking partners. If you buy the Package, we translate business e-mails and provide interpretation at virtual meetings. For details, please see our FAQ section.

You can use our services for:

Presentation of technical specifications to your customers
Project development meetings with your colleagues
Purchase discussions with vendors
Technology licensing discussions
Employee training

The subject matters we cover include:

Semiconductor    Electronics / Electrical Engineering    Computer    Information Technology    Mechanical Engineering    Telecommunication    Chemical Engineering    Chemistry / Polymers    Medical Devices    Biotechnology