ENUNCE Korean translators and interpreters

Korean Legal Translation Services

Enunce has provided English / Korean translations of the following types of documents to top U.S. law firms:


Certified Translation

Upon request, we provide notarized, certified translations in a form admissible in U.S. federal and local courts.


Legal Interpretation

In addition to document translation, we also provide court interpretation and deposition interpretation. Further details can be found in our Korean Interpretation page.

Korean Court Interpreters

Document Review / Summary

We provide document review and summarization services. Our translators go through Korean-language documents, sort them by relevance, and prepare English summaries.


In-House or On-site

Document translation and document review are usually performed remotely (at our office). Legal interpretation is performed at client locations.

Korean Interpreters - Legal

Hourly Billing or Fixed Price

Depending on the nature of the work, we can bill you by the hour or, if cost predictability is important for you, quote a fixed price on a specific batch of documents. In the latter case, we need to examine the pages of the actual documents before giving you a price quote.