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Enunce is a professional Korean language translation provider serving a broad range of corporate and organizational clients. We are committed to delivering highest quality translation in our core service areas: engineering, law, medicine and finance. Our clients include top U.S. law firms, high technology companies, Washington D.C. think tanks and defense contractors.

If your organization has a project that requires Korean language expertise, we can work with you in a manner that best suits your situation. To discuss your project with us, contact us by e-mail or by using the Quote Request form.

Korean legal translation
Pharmaceutical and Medical Translation - Korean English
Technical and Patent Translation - Korean English
Korean Translation - Science and Higher Education
Korean Translation - Business and Finance
Law / Government Medicine Engineering Science Business / Finance
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Main Language Pairs

• Korean to English Translation

• English to Korean Translation

Services Offered

• Document Translation

• Document Review

• Interpretation

• Desktop Publishing (DTP)

• Software Localization

• Multimedia Localization

• Language Classes

Additional Language Pairs Available

• Japanese to/from English

• Chinese to/from English

• French to/from English

• German to/from English

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